About us

iStorus reputation has been built on the quality, expertise of our professionals, breadth of our software and licensing advice. It’s what gives us the edge over other software resellers and it’s what our customers value.

iStorus provides independent and trusted software supply, management and advice for organisations of all sizes seeking solutions to their development, technical and business requirements.

Solution selection, Licensing Advice, Sales and Services

We focus on:

  • providing the best software and licensing advice to ensure our customers have the right software at the right price, correctly licensed

  • excellent account management from a team with experience over 5 years

  • supplying software, with a direct buying relationship from publishers so that we can provide a broad range of products and pricing, with potential cost savings and quicker turn-around times

  • providing a dedicated sourcing team that can source software from various publishers, saving customer’s time

  • best in class post-sales licensing help, including renewals notification, to make software management easier

  • providing software services options, call plans and devices


We help meet the challenges & customers’ demands of digitizing IT infrastructure.

Our value is straightforward: to give you the best cutting edge technologies & experience that guarantees true satisfaction!